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Joel Leyden, a native of New York, has practiced international public relations, public affairs, crisis communications, journalism, SEO, social media, Internet marketing and Web 2.0 for 25 years.

  • Co-created the first commercial Website in Israel - 1995.
  • Co-created the first Website for the Prime Minister's Office in Israel.
  • Co-created the first Website for the Israel Defense Forces - IDF.
  • Created the first online English news site - Israel News Agency.
  • Became the first to optimize Web and news content for the Net's search engines.
  • Successfully integrated PR and public affairs with the Internet and new media.

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Recommendations For Joel

Crisis Communications / Social Media / Internet Consultant

Commercial and Governmental

“Joel is one the most highly skilled and knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization experts I have ever met, as well as a professional webmaster and designer. If you want to be number one on Google, just call Joel Leyden - I did. 
Beau Schutz” December 30, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Beau Schutz
hired Joel as a Consummate SEO Professional in 2003, and hired Joel more than once


Leyden Communications Digital PR, SEO, Social Media Group

“Joel's knowledge of the way the Internet works and his dedication to promoting humanitarian causes is unique. It was a pleasure to address international issues through digital PR and Web 2.0. He's very high-energy and focused in his work.” January 12, 2010

Gayla GoodmanOperations Manager, Leyden Communications Group
worked with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel was my first tutor for SEO (I had many more after him), ever since, every web site I build, go's FIRST in google within 3 weeks + -.” March 21, 2009

Eli (Lazer) CohenOwner, PIE Multimedia
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel is one of the world’s respected experts on digital public relations, crisis communications, Internet marketing and social media. He lives and breathes it and his commercial, non-profit clients, the State of Israel, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israel Defense Forces and we at Criterion Capital along with countless other governmental and commercial enterprises rely on Joel’s expertise to make the right things happen on the Web for business. I heartily endorse Joel Leyden and recommend him without reservation.”January 27, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

Arye Ben Harav
hired Joel as a Business Consultant in 2010, and hired Joel more than once

“I have known Joel for quite a few years on a friendly and business relationship. He was a pleasure to work with as well a professional and knowledgeable about his subjest and filled with allot of energy too.” June 13, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Jason Alster
hired Joel as a Writer/Editor in 2004, and hired Joel more than once

“Joel is a professional person who is very dedicated to the ethics of the profession. He deserves to succeed. I would recommend him as a devoted person looking at results.These are my goals as well.” February 21, 2010

Charlotte GUTMANOwner, CGP Europe SA
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel has a profound intuitive feel for what makes people tick online. Superb sense of how to invigorate viral campaigns, activate people and build a sense of community.” January 7, 2010

Derek FattalDirector Internet Services, Jerusalem Post
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel is a really solid guy. He is the real deal and is totally committed to everything he does.” January 6, 2010

Brad PomeranceNews Director/Anchor, Jewish Life TV
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel is one of the most honest and respected PR, SEO and New Media professional I have ever met. 
When I worked with Joel, I and was impressed by how quick, creative and how effective his control over the Internet was. He is professional and smart with a big heart.” January 5, 2010

Wayne GerberOwner, Sungate Advisors
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel did an excellent job of getting me started with a new internet company. He has a thorough knowledge of internet marketing and gave me advice that has been of great benefit. I highly recommend him.” January 5, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Barbara Dahm
hired Joel as a Internet marketing consultnt in 2008

“Joel was great to work for and learn from. He has a different way of looking at things that is inspiring.” January 5, 2010

Dawn HarveyExecutive Assistant, LEYDEN COMMUNICATIONS (ISRAEL)
reported to Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel is a quick thinking, creative marketing professional. In command of both Hebrew and English, his knowledge of the online marketing methodology and players is vast. I'm sure he'll be an asset to any future employer.” January 5, 2010

Machon Anat Anat ManderGeneral Manager, Machon Anat
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel Leyden is as far as I have seen the best most effective and professional media marketing and digital media person I have come across. He makes magic of everything he gets his hands on. I strongly recommend Joel for any media project and digital media visibility.” July 23, 2009

Wayne PoswellExecutive Director, Gesher Consulting & Hr
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel has assisted me with various PR activities - publishing articles online and providing internet optimization services. A recent article was ranked # 1 on Google News for 48 hours! Joel attends many different events, and always seems to know everybody there. He is always quick to introduce me to people who he thinks will help my business. Apart from everything else, he's hilarious to work with!” October 21, 2004

Jeremy Levy 
was Joel's client

“I've known Joel for eight years or so since we worked together on a major marcomm publishing project. He's one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic marcomm and PR professionals I know: he's a hard worker and completely focussed on getting the message across to his audience.” October 5, 2004

David Nordell
was with another company when working with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel is a very smart, focused, aggressive marketing/PR expert who I have known a number of years. I expect he will continue to experience great success. 

Ronn Torossian 
5W Public Relations” October 5, 2004

Ronn Torossian, 5WPR CEOPresident & CEO, 5W Public Relations
worked with Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“Joel is a knowledgable writer who has a thorough understanding of the worlds of journalism and public relations. He brings creative energy and excitement to his position.” October 5, 2004

Alan Abbey
managed Joel at Leyden Communications (Israel)

“After 2 years of exposure to joel's work and skills, I cannot but admire his creativity, devotion and comprehensive knowledge of his field. He would certainly be a valueable asset to any employer.” October 4, 2004

Amir Gissin 
was Joel's client

“A wide network of connections, amazing clarity and convincing ability make Joel one of the leading experts in MARCOM. His genious informative ability turns the most complex advanced technology to a simple and clear idea for everyone. I have enjoyed working with Joel for many years in the internet field.” February 27, 2004

Arnon Katz 
was Joel's client

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