JOEL LEYDEN - Internet Marketing, Digital PR, Social Media
JOEL LEYDEN - Internet Marketing, Digital PR, Social Media
"I guess it all began when I was ten years old. It was called Citizens Band radio and I enjoyed talking to anyone, anywhere to learn, share
and .... network! Then came my Ham Amateur Radio license - WN2VRC. Using Morse Code, I was now able to communicate around the block and around world."

Today, Joel Leyden's professional digital PR, SEO, crisis communications and social networking skills for both commercial and governmental organizations have been featured in TIME, CNN, FOX, The Washington Post, The New York Times and hundreds of other leading global media.

Joel Leyden graduated University with degrees in journalism and psychology. Served as a radio news broadcast reporter and feature editor local media. Then went on to reporting on Long Island for cable news and print media. Soon after he jumped the fence to public relations and public affairs. 

Joel Leyden created the Leyden Communications Group - an advertising and public relations firm in New York's World Trade Center.

After enjoying much success in New York, Joel Leyden moved to Israel a few years  later and created Leyden Communications Israel. 

In 1995, by some freak act of nature Joel Leyden was approached by Tamir Cohen Advertising in Tel Aviv to create the first commercial Website in Israel .... the rest is history.

Joel Leyden, a political centrist, has served in the IDF combat engineers, the IDF Spokespersons Office and today serves as a senior media consultant to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Leyden has also served several times as a humanitarian officer in the Israel Defense Forces and promoted the concept of improving relations with the Palestinians at one of the very few points of contact between Israelis and Palestinians - Israeli security checkpoints.


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On Facebook, Twitter and Google News getting the word out (
using a gas generator) in Haiti 
on the brave work that the Israel Defense Forces rescue and medical teams were performing in saving lives.

Joel Leyden, a pioneer in Web 2.0, lectures on the development of Internet marketing, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 at Universities in Israel and the US.

Joel Leyden is also the co-creator of the Google and IBM voted # 1 Israeli startup of the year for IsIt software.

As a social media guru, Joel Leyden has created some of the largest forums for his clients with over 100,000 members on a variety of new media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yahoo, Google Groups and hundreds of blogs. 

Joel Leyden is the publisher of the Israel News Agency (indexed by Google News) and the United States News Agency where he holds the honor of having been the first to apply SEO principles to news content.

Joel Leyden provides a wide variety of digital PR, new media and social media professional services.

Transcending his corporate and non-profit clients, Joel Leyden serves as a senior media consultant to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israel Defense Forces and has advised the US State Department.

Joel Leyden resides in both New York and Israel and travels extensively through Europe and Asia.
Among the charities that Joel Leyden is most active with are feeding the homeless and poor in both Israel and the US.

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